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The Problem

In the North-west corner of Kenya is a community of 180,000 people who were forced to flee their homes due to war, violence, and persecution. They left behind everything in exchange for a refugee card, a bucket, a pot, a ration card for grain once a month, and two corrugated sheets of metal for shelter. The community and the surrounding city are filled with intelligent, capable people who are trapped by a lack of opportunity. To further add to the problem, women and girls sit at home for a week, once every 28 days or so, unable to work or attend school. Infection, embarrassment, fear, ignorance, and a continuing cycle of poverty are only some of the issues faced due to a lack of sanitary products or basic information about what is happening in their bodies.

We can do something…

Together we can impact this community…

The Plan

We are not talking about hand-outs… We are talking about hand-ups…

This community is filled with industrious people. We don’t need to give them fish. We need to give them fishing rods. Brilliant business people have lost their businesses but not their ability. So here is our plan. We want to take 40 people in this community, Educate them, Employ them, and Empower them. We want to give them an inventory of dignity kits, train them in Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) and Feminine Hygiene Products, teach them about Menstrual Health Education, and let them sell their products at an affordable rate for this community. You will not only be empowering these 40 individuals to provide for themselves and their families, you will distribute affordable, sanitary solutions throughout the community.

However to get this pilot project off the ground and seen through to completion, we need to raise money to sponsor these individuals as well as start-up costs. The first training session starts in the last week of September. So before September 23, we would like to raise $10,000 to help us fund the development of program materials and staff. Would you help us?

How to Help

Click on the button above to donate with credit card/Pay Pal or make out any cheques to For Her Dignity, with Kakuma in the memo line and send them to:

For Her Dignity

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